Cashmere Mailing House

& Bonded Warehouse Storage and Shipping for Wineries!




We’re located in beautiful and historic downtown Cashmere, but with bulk mail we could be anywhere and so can you!  You'll find it's very easy to get started down the path of bulk mailing ... besides, it will save you time, money and hassle.

We also have wine services for wineries including bonded warehouse storage and direct to consumer wine shipping.  Let us help you take the hassle out of shipping wine to your customers!

About Bulk Mail

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Cashmere Mailing House can provide customized consumer lists for a nominal fee. Call us today for a quote!

 Database Services

A good database is well thought out.  Better and cleaner data lowers your direct mail costs and increases response.  Our list update will do this for you.

- Correct address errors
- Correct city names
- Correct zip codes
- Correct or add Zip+4
- Correct or add carrier routes
- Correct or add DPBC (Delivery Point Barcode)
- Flag records that are missing or have incomplete secondary info (unit #'s)
- Find contacts who have moved with National Change of Address (NCOA)
- Eliminate contacts who have moved and left no forwarding address

Consumer Lists

Targeting your marketing efforts to the right audience is essential to a successful direct mail campaign.  Consumer lists can help you target a specific audience by any number of demographic variables, including:

 - Residential or business
 - Type of business
 - Age
 - Income
 - Home value
 - Dwelling type (house, apartment)
 - Recent home buyer
 - Marital status
 - Gender
 - Ethnicity
 - Presence and ages of children
 - and many more...

 Did you know postage rates are scheduled to go up again?

  • Are you tired of paying first class postage?

  • Tired of wasting staff time addressing and stuffing hundreds of envelopes?

  • Tired of sending to bad addresses when you’re paying the postage?

Cashmere Mailing House can take care of all your mailing needs, big or small, and even check your mailing lists for accuracy with our List Update service.

We can consult on design, copy in black and white OR color, fold, tab, insert, seal, address and post - all to save you money and time.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail remains one of the most powerful and economical ways to reach target audiences because it delivers your message directly to your prospects through the U.S. mail for just pennies.

The beauty of direct mail marketing is that it’s a medium that works regardless of your budget…you just have to target your audience.  We can help:

  • Identify and target your key demographics using direct communication

  • Market your goods or services directly to your existing customers

  • Market to large numbers of potential customers